The far rights obsession with the Labour Party and ‘paedophiles’ is truly worrying given that groups like Britain First spent time, energy and effort to draft up graphics like the one below. Such rhetoric, suggesting that Labour is responsible for ‘paedophilia’ by virtue of immigration, (read Muslims into that), is truly frightening given that some in far right movements actually believe this material. In fact, there is so much wrong with the first graphic that it is hard to know where to start unravelling the contorted and twisted suggestions that the graphic makes.

However, this theme of Labour ‘allowing migration’ and then ‘protecting paedophiles’ – in this case ‘Muslim grooming gangs,’ is a common theme that cuts through a range of far right groups. More sickeningly, the second graphic below had to be doctored by us for the sheer depravity of it, though the text on the sweatshirt makes clear how low these groups will sink in order to agitate and to raise community tensions. Once again, the Labour Party is accused of being a gateway for paedophilia, carried out by ‘Muslims’ as the crescent symbol implies.

Sadly, we will see more of these stomach churning graphics in the next 4 weeks as electoral campaigns ramp up. Yet, it is important to recognise the twisted and convoluted arguments that far right groups are throwing up in the hope that they can damage the Labour Party. No doubt their impact will be minimal, yet it provides an insight into the sheer depravity of these groups who will stoop to lower depths to promote their hate.

Britain First graphic


Child Abuse far right