REVEALED: 1 Year-On After the Christchurch Terror attacks, Tell MAMA Reveals a 692% Increase in Anti-Muslim Hatred that Spiked in the UK After the Attacks


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51 people worshipping at 2 mosques in New Zealand were murdered by a far-right inspired extremist – Brenton Tarrant. The anti-Muslim terrorist attack took place on the 15th of March 2019 – exactly a year ago.

  • In the week following the terror attacks in Christchurch, incidents reported to Tell MAMA increased by 692%, with 12 incidents recorded in the previous week (March 8 – 14) and 95 the following week (March 15 – 21).
  • The terror attacks at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand had a significant effect in the UK, resulting in a rapid but long-lasting increase in anti-Muslim hatred and Islamophobia.
  • Between January 1 and June 30, 2019, 705 incidents were reported to Tell MAMA, of which, 529 were verified as anti-Muslim and Islamophobic in nature. Of those verified, 374 occurred offline, and 155 had occurred online.
  • Between the same period, 20 police forces across the UK recorded 1,213 anti-Muslim incidents. Of these, 1,028 occurred offline, while 91 were online, and, for 94 reports, the nature of the incident is undisclosed.
  • Incidents in public areas increased by 192% between February and March, from 12 to 35 incidents respectively. Most significantly, anti-Muslim incidents targeting mosques or other Islamic institutions increased by 433% between February and March, from 3 to 16 incidents respectively.


Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said: 

“I am appalled that reported incidents of hatred aimed at Muslims in Britain have increased. All hate crime is completely unacceptable and I am determined to tackle this problem at its root.

“This Government has put millions into protecting all places of worship and we will continue to fund projects that help to challenge prejudice and discrimination.

“As we mark the anniversary of the terrible tragedy in Christchurch, let me be clear that there is no place for anti-Muslim hatred in Britain.  As Communities Secretary, I will do everything in my power to stamp out hatred in all its forms, wherever it appears.”