The Tell MAMA Pledges against anti-Muslim hate and discrimination

The Tell MAMA Pledges against anti-Muslim hate and discrimination



Dear Prospective Parliamentary Candidates,

Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) is dedicated to supporting those who face anti-Muslim prejudice, discrimination, racism, and Islamophobia. For over seven years, we have documented rises in incidents of abuse and violence, often against Muslim women, who wear visibly Muslim, and where the data confirmed, revealed a misogynistic dynamic, or, as we saw in 2018, a rise in discrimination cases, showing how prejudice emerges in institutions and individual actions.

That is why we are writing to you, as the struggle to tackle this growing issue requires a societal, collective response. In the coming weeks, before any votes are cast on December 12, we will be releasing a series of parliamentary pledges for the duration of the next parliament that we encourage policymakers and those in the House to sign and to be a voice for mutuality and change.

Only by supporting victims, which begins with an empathetic listening ear, can we understand their needs: from speaking in confidence to reporting an incident to the police on their behalf or ensuring that investigations occur, to dealing with anti-social behaviour, or workplace discrimination, to signposting for legal support or providing support in court, we work to the needs of the individual. Centring their voice, in news articles and groundbreaking research makes Tell MAMA the most authoritative voice on this issue nationwide.

We live in precarious times. Now, more than ever, we must stand for the values dear to our hearts: the values of pluralism, the rule of law, the freedom of thought, the right to love who we choose, the right to define your own gender identity, the right of religious freedom, and to ensure that the most marginalised in our society feel safe in this country. These ideas are called fundamental rights for a reason. It is, therefore, fundamental that we remain steadfast and defend these values from those who seek to curtail them, from those who seek conflict over resolution.

Our identities are varied, as are our lived experiences, and when someone is targeted, assaulted, or discriminated against, we afford them dignity, not disregard.

Let us stay true to our shared values and the courage of our conviction to defend and stand with those who face marginalisation.

Help us be a voice in this debate, inside and outside of parliament. We are here to support and educate others too. Together, we can walk an inclusive path, secure in the understanding that an attack against one minority is an attack on all.


Five pledges:


  1. We believe that rising levels of anti-Muslim hatred, discrimination, and Islamophobia require practical levels of government funding to reduce it, ensuring that communities feel supported and given a voice.
  2. If elected, we will champion work on reducing hate crimes, inequalities (structural or otherwise), and we will work to challenge anti-Muslim prejudice and discrimination where it manifests.
  3. We will endeavour to challenge politicians who marginalise others or who use language that dehumanise Muslims and other minority groups.
  4. We will also advocate for greater understanding by police forces and other authorities about the varieties of anti-Muslim and Islamophobic abuse, and how the intersecting identities of individuals mean that the challenge of tackling hate crime is not a one-size-fits-all approach.
  5. Given the gendered nature of anti-Muslim hatred and Islamophobia, we will support greater opportunities for Muslim women to speak out and have their experiences centred.

It only takes a few clicks to submit your pledge and your name will appear below. If, however, you do not wish for your name to appear, or, if it was submitted without your knowledge (or in error) do please email


    The list of candidates who’ve endorsed our pledges include:

    Full Name Constituency
    Full Name Constituency
    Ashley Bennett Bruh
    Joanna Murphy City of Durham
    Salim Bensalem Bexley
    Tracy Shakib Bishop Auckland
    John Saynor Derbyshire Dales
    gay boy by muslim youths quoting quran
    muslim attack gay small heath
    Alia hader England
    Paul ipswich
    Hayley Taylor Peterborough
    Maeve Stevenson Withington
    John Bentz Detroit Michigan United States
    K GEORGE Brent Kilburn
    Javid Patel Dewsbury Mirfield & Denby Dale
    Naomi Bajina Bristol West
    Patrick Cox Birmingham Hall Green
    RoseMary Warrington Ilford South
    caroline Russell Islington North
    Caroline Russell Islington North
    Ali Ross Penrith and the Border
    Carla Denyer Bristol West
    Denise Donaldson South Northamptonshire
    Alex Nettle Birmingham Ladywood
    Chris Nelson Kettering
    Austin Reid Falkirk
    Chris Boyle North Tyneside
    Isabel Pires Beverley and Holderness
    Richard Howarth Kingston upon Hull North
    Alan Butcher Bognor Regis and Littlehampton
    Geoff Wilkinson Chatham & Aylesford
    George Salomon Gillingham & Rainham
    George Salomon Gillingham & Rainham
    Sonia Hyner Rochester & Strood
    Julian Tisi Windsor
    Rebecca Bell Dunfermline and West Fife
    Brian Balcombe Banff & Buchan
    Anna Firth canterbury & whitstable
    John Macefield Walsall South
    Catherine Rose Milton Keynes North
    Pippa Heylings South East Cambridgeshire
    Pippa Heylings South East Cambridgeshire
    Vivien Lichtenstein Kensington
    Holly Kal-Weiss Hertsmere
    Cllr Ruth Johnson North East Cambridgeshire
    Paul Jacobs Spelthorne
    Nick Hartley Newcastle upon Tyne East
    Carla Denyer Bristol West
    Caroline Lucas Brighton Pavilion
    Joanne Ainscough Wyre and Preston North
    Emily Blake South West Norfolk
    Vivien Lichtenstein Kensington
    David Nagle Elmet and Rothwell
    Olly Glover Tooting
    Laura McCarthy Meriden
    Geoffrey Seeff Chingford and Woodford Green
    Geoffrey Seeff Chingford and Woodford Green
    Helen Cross Brentford and Isleworth
    Andrew Parkhurst Delyn
    Nina Stimson Southend West
    Paul Harris Walsall South
    Liz Pole Tiverton and Honiton
    Daniel Goldsmith Brentford and Isleworth
    Martin Blake South Holland and the Deepings
    Neil Jameson Poplar and Limehouse
    Neil Jameson Poplar and Limehouse
    Max Wilkinson Cheltenham
    Clareine Enderby Hendon
    Ollie Sykes Hove
    RoseMary Warrington Ilford South
    John Colman Havant
    Beki Sellick Peterborough
    Beki Sellick Peterborough
    Mr Ian Sharpe Loughborough
    Mr Ian Sharpe Loughborough
    Ed Carlisle Leeds Central
    David Jones Blackley & Broughton
    Ian Yuill Aberdeen South
    Christian Wakeford Bury South
    Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett Ipswich
    Rhian O'Connor Greenwich and Woolwich
    Rachel McGann Mid Bedfordshire
    Brent Poland Erewash
    Jonathan Essex Reigate
    Alex Harris Bridgend
    Ian Stotesbury Watford
    Andrew Johns Walthamstow
    Chris Bain Tamworth
    Stephen Psallidas Wansbeck
    Tom Morrison Cheadle
    Julian Burrett Forest of Dean
    Lois Davis Battersea
    James Monaghan Hemsworth
    Izzy Knowles Birmingham Hall Green
    Andrew Chamberlain Glasgow North
    Jenny Wilkinson Sutton Coldfield
    Kirsten Oswald East Renfrewshire
    Mike Davies Bath
    Ruth Norbury Wyre and Preston North
    David Pinto-Duschinsky Hendon
    Charlotte Nichols Warrington North
    Sonia Barker Waveney
    Jo Rust North West Norfolk
    Nukey Proctor Coventry North East
    Claire Bonham Croydon North
    John Appleby Tynemouth
    Stephen Gray Coventry North West
    Liz Jarvis Southampton Itchen
    Alex White North Devon
    Clareine Enderby Hendon
    Mark Hendrick Preston
    Angie Smith Wealden
    Marilyn Solomon Greenwich
    Simon Dodd Dover
    Perry Peter Smith Gainsborough
    Cate TUITT Bethnal Green and Bow
    Pamela Fitzpatrick Harrow East
    Callum Anderson South West Bedfordshire
    Michael Welton Preston
    Jon Orrell South Dorset
    Ashburn Holder Ilford South
    Simon Thomson West Lancashire
    Darren Parkinson Bradford West
    Darren Parkinson Bradford West
    Martin Edobor Witham
    Bill Revans Bridgwater and West Somerset
    Luigi Gregori North West Hampshire
    Jill Hope Northampton South
    Rachel CABRAL Gateshead
    Daniela Parker Weaver Vale
    Daniela Parker Weaver Vale
    Lyndsay McAteer Warrington North
    John Grogan Keighley
    David Nicholl Bromsgrove
    David Nicholl Bromsgrove
    Chloe-Jane Ross Beckenham
    Richard Quigley Isle of Wight
    Keith Aspden York Outer
    James Windridge Halesowen and Rowley Regis
    Tom Brake Carshalton and Wallington
    Haneef Ishmael Lewisham and Deptford
    Peter Shearman Windsor
    Judith Garfield Leyton and Wanstead
    Rob O'Carroll Runnymede & Weybridge
    Joshua Garfield Braintree
    Dick Cole St Austell and Newquay
    Joshua Garfield Braintree
    Andrew Brown Bristol South
    Beatrice Bass Hove
    Brian Bostock Mole Valley
    Nick Stephens Solihull
    chris lofts south northamptonshire
    Andi Mohr Stourbridge
    Nic Dakin Scunthorpe
    Tom Morrison Cheadle
    Steve Arrundale Midlothian
    Andrew Simpson Daventry
    Lois Davis Battersea
    Katharine Macy Selby & Ainsty
    Karen La Borde Camborne and Redruth
    Nick Morphet Hexham
    Benjamin Smith Runnymede And Weybridge
    Mark Menzies Fylde
    Ellen Nicholson South West Wiltshire
    Mark Christie Bradford West
    Patrick McAleer Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill
    Adrian Spurrell Bedford and Kempston
    Gareth Derrick South East Cornwall
    Layla Moran Oxford West and Abingdon
    Joseph Johnson-Tod Worsley and Eccles South
    Tom Franklin York Central
    Jane Smith Congleton
    Scott Mabbutt Northampton South
    Peter Caton Hornchurch & Upminster
    Phiippa Deirdre Nell Fleming North East Bedfordshire
    Alec Sandiford Stone
    Peter Banks Harwich & North Essex
    Rosemary Woods Ashfield
    Chris Fewtrell South Staffordshire
    Kathryn Downs Warley
    Rosie Welwyn Hatfield
    Rosie Newbigging Welwyn Hatfield
    John Davis Wyre Forest
    Tom Scott Truro and Falmouth
    Talia Hussain Islington South & Finsbury
    Andrew Hilland Lanark and Hamilton East
    Neil A Taylor Altrincham and Sale West
    Sabrina Poole The Cotswolds
    David Jones Blackley & Broughton
    Lucy Bannister Manchester Withington
    Joe Peacock Birmingham, Selly Oak
    Karen Wheller Orpington
    Sarah Champion Rotherham
    Robin Lambert Harborough
    Robin Lambert Harborough
    Mike Powell Pontypridd
    ALI AVAEI Newcastle upon Tyne Central
    Dr Rohen Kapur Folkestone and Hythe
    Mr Mark A Keir Uxbridge and South Ruislip
    Paul Rowlinson Delyn
    Brendan D'Cruz Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
    Quinn Daley Pudsey
    Henry Vann Bedford
    Adam Bernard Harrow East
    Adasm William Colclough Stoke-on-Trent Central
    James Martin Archer Erewash
    Diane Wood Yeovil
    Peter Banks Harwich & North Essex
    Cheryl Pidgeon Rushcliffe
    Karen La Borde Camborne and Redruth
    Matt Buckler Derbyshire Dales
    Ken Barker Cardiff South & Penarth
    Paul Doherty Belfast West