This response was received today from a Muslim woman and mother and who was harassed and racially and religiously abused for over 4 years in the Midlands. The abuse and the anti-Muslim hate placed enormous pressures on the family and on the family and brought the family to the edge of desperation. Today after our long term intervention in this case, this is what we received and this response exhibits why we do this work – to work with the voiceless and those who are vulnerable. (All personal details have been altered).

“Dear Tell MAMA,

I hope you are all well.  We last communicated at the end of July, just before I departed for Pakistan for six weeks.

Since returning to the country I have learnt that my neighbour has now moved on.  However, upon moving on he has damaged all the fence, which ACME Council are rebutting in his defence stating unless I have any evidence they will not accept my complaint.

After 4 years of suffering by the grace of Allah swt, we finally as a family can start our lives.

This has been a very difficult journey knowing that the Police and ACME Councils bias and discriminating attitude towards me and my children.   On many occasions being treated like a criminal, intimidated, threatened and belittled by both the Police and Council officials.

MashAllah we have started to rebuild our lives and want to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for your assistance and support. “