The following leaflet was sent to a Muslim family in Bradford. The leaflet makes threats of acid attacks against visible Muslim women who wear the Niqab or the face veil. The leaflet also makes reference to the grooming of white girls and is titled, ‘Kill scum Muslims’.

As is sadly the case, the focus on Muslim women continues and this leaflet is an example of the anti-Muslim hatred and rhetoric that is targeted at Muslim women. There is a heavy gender driven focus in anti-Muslim hatred and which has hugely disproportionate impacts on Muslim women.

If you receive such a leaflet, we would advise recipients to call the police since there may be evidence that can be collected off the leaflets. Furthermore, we would be grateful if we are notified since Tell MAMA is investigating a pattern of such campaigns and this is helping us to build a rich picture of where such campaigns may be emanating from and where their impacts are. Your information will therefore be extremely useful and will also ensure that we within Tell MAMA, can support your needs.