Forty-five year old UKIP Supporter, David Russell, used to be an active supporter of the English Defence League and is based in London. Having a penchant for fawning over his own rants, Davey Russell has taken to promoting anti-Muslim bigotry through videos he posts on-line. However, his actions do not stop at anti-Muslim abuse and on occasions he has posted videos of him tearing the Qur’an, spitting on it, and abusing the holiest book of Muslims.

An ardent admirer of UKIP, he makes the following statements through his videos which can be found here. Posted on the 19th of April under the heading, ‘2Tribes go to war,’ Russell undertakes the following:

0.59 secs – 1:10 mins: Russell tears a page out of the Qur’an and spits on it. The page is then destroyed. He then calls the Qur’an, “an accursed book of death.”

1:30 mins: Russell throws the Qur’an aggressively onto the floor.

1:59 mins: Russell says, (holding the Qur’an), “that this f**king thing will be the end of England.”

He then goes onto add that the Qur’an that he ordered can be received free of charge and that people watching his videos can contact the freephone number, (which he posts up), and order the holy book. The intention is clear and he suggests that people should order the religious book and make videos similar to his. One can only assume that they would probably take the same abusive and aggressive stance which Russell takes against the holiest scripture for Muslims.

Within this video, a female voice can then be heard in the background and is the voice of the camera holder. She suggests that they “have a lot of dog*hit in the garden,” which is followed by a further comment from Russell suggesting that the amount of pages, (in the Qur’an), means that there will be a 2 week supply. One can only assume that the suggestions are to deface and once again abuse the holiest book of Muslims.

In a further video entitled ‘Ban Islam in the UK,’ Russell recycles far right ideology by suggesting that Muslims are liars and that they practice ‘taqiyya.’ We have written on this ideology before which pervades far right ideology and sympathisers.

Russell also suggests in the video (0:57 mins), that he is going to “wipe my a**e on what I have here,” and the suggestion is that he is going to abuse the Qur’an once again.

Anti-Muslim Abuse

A cursory glance of the Facebook page of this EDL and pro-UKIP sympathiser shows the following anti-Muslim abuse.

David Russell

TELL MAMA understands that Russell has been arrested before and has bail conditions attached to him. We will certainly be passing this information to law enforcement sources regarding this EDL sympathiser.