“Since becoming co-chair of TELL MAMA recently, I have been leading a strategic review of the organisation alongside our director Fiyaz Mughal. We are fully committed to ensuring we continue to grow to meet the needs of individuals, groups, service providers and policy makers who rely on our high quality independent data and analysis, and in many cases personal support as victims of anti-Muslim hatred.

Part of my review will necessarily look at external engagement and communications to ensure that our important contributions are consistent with our values and leave no room for any confusion.

Due to the nature of the work we do, we are especially keen on building stronger relationships with the media as well as ensuring our various stakeholders have a real say in how we develop over the coming years.

I am aware of a recent press article that has led to various comments in the social media and elsewhere, some of which were not just beyond the pale but frankly vile. I regret that certain individuals, including Baroness Warsi, were subjected to this type of abuse, which has no place in our society.

In part, due to this occurrence, I will be putting into place a framework and protocols for engagement with the press that mitigates against a repeat of such occurrences and ensures clarity in our messaging. While we cannot control the comments section of online publications or the social media, I believe we all have a responsibility to limit the opportunities for individuals to engage in this behavior by better communications and messaging.

I want to re-affirm our commitment to our values which are to support victims and groups, to assist policymakers in developing policy that is fit for purpose, and to focus attention on the fight against the evil of Islamophobia, while also committing ourselves to speaking out against all forms of hatred irrespective of faith or any other consideration.”