BNP Leaflet Was Circulated to Cause Maximum Division Within Communities

We have received this leaflet from a member of the public showing how fear is whipped up and manipulated to divide communities. The leaflet was sent out with no public policy stance but to promote the view that supporting the BNP would effectively mean that they would discriminate against Muslims. In this instance, the Muslims caricatured are ones covered by a Niqab and shown to be swearing. Hardly, the Muslims who are law abiding citizens that we come across on a daily basis and the Niqab is once again shown to be something that is to be scared off in the leaflet.

We have highlighted time and time again that women who wear the Niqab suffer more anti-Muslim hate incidents and more aggressive incidents. They are sadly, targeted on many occasions and such material further adds to them being seen as being ‘problematic’ or the ‘other’. The BNP know full well that this material cannot be prosecuted, yet, we as communities can send out a powerful message that such campaigning material is unacceptable.

If you come across such material from groups like the BNP, please ensure that you send it into us. We will be logging and reviewing this material as we receive it.