The mobile giant Vodafone has denied claims that a Muslim customer was taunted and mocked for observing the holy month of Ramadan by staff when seeking to upgrade their phone contract.

Speaking to Tell MAMA last month, the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, described how spoke an Indian man about upgrading his contract on May 7, 2019, and, when asked by the customer advisor if he was Muslim, to which he confirmed, the customer advisor then laughed and said, “You must be hungry because it’s your fasting month”. He added that he heard other members of staff laughing during the phone call, which he challenged, informing them it was ‘none of their business’.

Nor did he feel like Vodafone had listened to his complaints.

Tell MAMA approached Vodafone for comment earlier this week and informed that an internal investigation found ‘no evidence’ of racism, but assured confirmed that an independent third-party will review the complaint.

A Vodafone spokesperson told Tell MAMA: “Vodafone does not tolerate racist or abusive behaviour by any employee. Our third party partner has carried out internal investigations and their findings show no racist language was used by the advisor.

The case has now been moved to CISAS, an independent alternative dispute resolution provider, we will react accordingly based on their conclusions”.

Vodafone, like other service providers, allows customers to raise complaints online or over the phone.

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