We are Walsall
In Walsall, the various parts of our diverse community live together in harmony. We have a strong tradition of mutual respect and get along fine.

It’s important that we keep this tradition, resisting any attempts to divide us. On Saturday 15th August the group calling itself the ‘English Defence League’ plans to come to Walsall again. On the last occasion they were here, their violent racism resulted in dozens of them being arrested and
sent to prison for a total of over 50 years.

Their aim is to ferment hatred and division in our community. Whatever they claim, the EDL’s anti-Muslim and racist slogans along with their Hitler salutes tell us who they really are.

Their poisonous message of hate must not be allowed to go unchallenged. With music, song and the spoken word, come and join this peaceful and inclusive multicultural event celebrating unity in our community.