As the new administration beds in and activities start to take off, it is important to reflect on some of the journey that work on tackling anti-Muslim hate has taken.

The previous Coalition Government supported the work of TELL MAMA on tackling anti-Muslim hate when no previous Government had tried to tackle this issue. They did this through supporting the mapping, monitoring and measuring of it. Their vision has made a real difference and both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats must be thanked. They did the right thing and with moral courage and practical assistance.

We believe that this present administration can be bolder and no doubt, more determined to tackle hate and prejudice in our society. This Government has made clear that it is willing to take bold and difficult steps in a number of areas and we believe that real and sustained support in this area of work can also help to tackle those consistently promoting bigotry and to ensure that victims get access to justice.

We are also aware that the Home Secretary has been consistent in her public statements around the need to tackle intolerance, hate and bigotry.This has also been the case with previous ministers in the Coalition Government.

As we move forward, we will continue to work with our Government, law enforcement, victim support agencies and a multiplicity of partners to ensure that work on tackling anti-Muslim hate is documented and victims supported and assisted. We will also work on the main-streaming of this work since Muslims are part and parcel of the fabric of our country and calls to alienate and isolate them are mainly made by those on the fringes of political life in the UK. This means that agencies working on this area also need to view the issue through the lens of realism, meaning that anti-Muslim hate is not the only issue that affects the lives of Muslims. It is one issue amongst a range of many that also affect other communities, such as unemployment, housing etc.

We therefore look forward to the next 5 years with an approach based on co-operation and partnership. If anything, real change has been made over the last 3 years through our work and the next 5 offer an opportunity for bolder and more creative work in the future.