As we run into the last week of campaigning for the London Mayoral election, it seems that far right extremist groups like Liberty GB and their coterie of haters have decided to play on the Muslim heritage of Labour candidate Sadiq Khan. We have highlighted Liberty GB before and more information can be found here.

We have also highlighted key activists in Liberty GB like Paul Weston. Yet, Liberty GB seems to want to reach the bottom of the league in its campaigning effort and by lacing campaigns with anti-Muslim prejudice and bigotry. The following post on their Facebook page should be parodied, given the abysmal focus on one aspect of the identity of Labour MP and mayoral candidate, Sadiq Khan.

Furthermore,  the kinds of abhorrent comments that are posted on the Facebook page of Liberty GB show the kind of audience that is attracted to them. We hope that the British public respond by parodying groups like Liberty GB whose aim seems to attract supporters who generally think the worst of Muslims. The least we all can do is make clear that their messages of prejudice are unacceptable, inflammatory and downright vile. Not so much Liberty GB as the gross abuse of all of our liberties and freedoms.

Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan Liberty GB