Muslims are part of our communities1.  Raising over £38,000 for a hospital to purchase life-saving equipment

In just six weeks, eight mosques in Preston raised £38,340.86, which included £8,000 from women in the community and £5,000 from madrassah children. The money will go towards investing in the latest technology to diagnose lung cancer.

2.  Working with a Christian charity to support the homeless in Islington

Finsbury Park Mosque will team up with the Christian charity Passage to offer homeless individuals a space to relax, get advice, and food once a week at the mosque.

3.  Turning their mosque into a food bank to help the hungry

In Swansea, one local mosque is extending the days it offers a food bank service to the local community following demand. Muslim and non-Muslim donate food and those receiving help are of all faiths (or none).

4.  Helping converts (and others) learn more about Islam and increase community dialogue

The Light Foundation, a volunteer-run group in Preston, offers a space once a month for the community (that includes converts, other faiths and non-believers) to learn more about Islam and each other.

5.  Running a community event and soup kitchen to help their community

Volunteers from Muslim Community Relations – Nuneaton (MCR-N) hosted a community event to educate others about Islam and provide free food for the poor and homeless. The event was run in conjunction with The Trussell Trust and Salvation Army.

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