All Muslims Out of UK posterWhat would you do if you turned up to your future place of residence and found a sign saying that you were not wanted, was posted up on your door. What would you do if the sign was posted up simply because of a part of your identity, something that the perpetrator had not bothered to find out, or even discuss with you?

So imagine a young man turning up to find this on the front his door. This is the actual picture of the sign that was left on his door and which was sent to us. Dr Shaizir Aly, sadly, had to endure this bigoted hate placed outside his property in South East London.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, many of those in the Windrush generation, as well as Ugandan Asians, would see signs outside the doors of premises saying, “No Irish, No Blacks and no dogs.” In 2014, we now see individuals place signs outside the houses of Muslims, whilst having a Goebbels type front and the audacity to promote such bigotry.

Thankfully the victim has reported this hate incident to the police. Yet, it shows anti-Muslim bigotry in its despicable, toxic and bile like state. We just hope that whoever posted this sign realises that this will not be left and shrugged off.