Another video has come to light with graphic terms used to abuse what seems to be a Turkish Muslim victim of anti-Muslim hatred. This coming to light so soon after the previous video of abuse against a Muslim female and where an arrest has been made regarding the perpetrator. The perpetrator seems to be a young black man sitting on a bus whilst he shouts obscenities to the victim. The video of the hate crime is listed below and is graphic language is used, so please be aware of this when you press the link:


Remember, if you have been subjected to such anti-Muslim abuse, report it in and we can assist you. Alternatively, you can call the police on 101. We are here to assist and after the last incident, we reported the anti-Muslim hatred to the police to ensure that justice was done. The police acted swiftly with an arrest and someone has been charged in relation to that specific offence.

Credit for the video is due to @doammuslims