We recently have received numerous reports of a post from a Susan Sharpe who posted the following onto the Britain First Facebook page. The full text can be seen below and the post was reported to Facebook by members of the public and by TELL MAMA.

The text below refers to Muslims and is then corroborated by further posts by Susan Sharpe, listed below. The comments are inflammatory and deeply troubling.

Facebook have responded back to us stating that the posts do no violate their community standards. Frankly, if these statements by Ms Sharpe do not violate their standards, then Facebook have a long way to go in developing better standards. Furthermore, the question really comes down to this. How can a social media platform, built to generate profits, social engineer and shape moral issues in our communities, when it is we, as people, voters and communities, who should shape what moral values are in our society.

We would urge all members of the public to report this statement into Facebook and to show Facebook that we collectively find the statements unacceptable. (There is a function to hide the comment and then to report it into Facebook as hate speech). https://www.facebook.com/britainfirstgb/photos/a.346633882148546.1073741826.300455573433044/672233022921962/?type=1&comment_id=672418102903454

Susan Sharpe



Susan Sharpe 2


Susan Sharpe 3