We were contacted by a member of the public who signposted us to a Facebook post that a Muslim female had put up. The text of the Facebook post was shocking and we have listed snapshots below. Time and time again, deniers of anti-Muslim hate or those who undermine work on measuring monitoring and mapping anti-Muslim hate, simply brush away the feelings of the victim. If on-line, they suggest that the person ‘will get over it’; if at a street level, they question the impact on the victim. Yet, the statements below show the real impacts on a victim of anti-Muslim hate.

This young female suffered an assault on a bus travelling through the Hull Interchange. Her comments on the impact and the post on Facebook speak for themselves. When questioned on the impacts she stated:

“Well it made me feel intimidated, upset, infuriated that someone had the audacity to do such a thing. It made me feel deeply disappointed that no one helped.

And above all, I no longer feel like its safe for me to travel via bus.”

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