Muslim signs at the Guy’s campus of King’s College London have been defaced, seemingly after a BDS motion was accepted. A signpost to a ‘Muslim’ prayer room was defaced in one incident and further details of the incidents can be found here.

A statement from the King’s College Jewish Society issued quickly after the incident stated:

“Over the past couple of days, several of the signs towards Muslim prayer rooms  on Guy’s campus have been defaced. This blatantly Islamophobic behaviour is absolutely disgusting and will not be tolerated on our campus.

The Jewish Society condemns all form of Islamophobia and racism. King’s should be a place where students of all faiths feel free to openly practice their religion without fear or persecution. These actions directly contravene this principle.

We hope that the university authorities will deal with these actions swiftly and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

We warmly welcome the statements from the King’s College Jewish Society and re-iterate that any form of prejudice will not and should not be tolerated on campus. We stand with Jewish students in their campaigns against anti-Semitism and we also want to add that whilst Israel and Palestine are topics that do lead to disagreements and which sometimes lead to heated debates, no student should feel fear or the threat of harm on campus. Our young people, (and we mean this in the collective sense of all young people), are our future.