Jean Marie Le PenIf anyone had some doubt that Britain First were a nationalist far right extremist group, then this example should do it. In a video posted on the Britain First Facebook page they demonstrate their affection for a French nationalist leader who has previously been accused of making antisemitic statements.

The video posted on their Facebook page highlights comments from Jean Marie Le Pen. In this recent article, Jewish leaders were reported to:

“have called on Le Pen, 85, to be stripped of his parliamentary immunity as an MEP after a controversial play on words linking “oven” with a celebrated Jewish singer in a video posted in the FN’s website.”

Jean Marie Le Pen is no stranger to making comments which have infuriated Jewish communities and which have been deemed to be antisemitic. The Anti-Defamation League has posted this on its web-site:

“Le Pen has repeatedly made statements that attempt to diminish or deny the Holocaust, once remarking that the Nazi gas chambers were “a mere detail” in history. He and his aides likewise have consistently espoused anti-Semitism. In February 1997, for example, Le Pen accused President Jacques Chirac of being “in the pay of Jewish organizations.” More recently, Le Pen has toned down his anti-Jewish sentiments, while focusing his oratory against Arab immigrants from North Africa.”

Stomach churningly, Britain First added this comment to the video showing Jean Marie Le Pen:

“We need more politicians in Britain First like this.” 

Frankly, this says everything about Britain First.