Britain First Bradford 3It seems that Britain First have been active again in their targeting of mosques (masjids). Yesterday, Britain First entered into two mosques with their shoes on and worshippers were taken aback when activists of this Far Right group started shouting in the mosque. In fact, pictures here show that there were only a handful of worshippers in the mosque and some of the elderly individuals looked frightened by the aggressive, targeted and threatening actions of this Far Right group.

Activists of Britain First came with a camera to record the reactions of the congregation, yet no-one had told these interfaith activists gone wrong that the Zuhr (evening prayers) had finished and that the mosque was pretty empty. True to form, Britain First scored an own goal as members of the mosques remained calm and did not react to the Far Right group.

The two mosques involved were the Abu Bakr and Madni Masjid in Bradford and the following pictures on the Britain First web-site state that the Far Right group ‘invaded’ mosques in Bradford.

Commenting on this group, the Director of TELL MAMA, Fiyaz Mughal OBE said:

“This is shocking and we have seen Britain First agitate in East London in Tower Hamlets and take things into their own hands on numerous occasions. In East London, they drove a large Land Rover type vehicle into Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets whilst wearing what seemed to be bullet proof vests. Now they are agitating on the streets of Bradford in an area where there is a high Muslim population and this does not bode well.

We were also informed that some young groups of British Muslims were patrolling areas in Bradford today and this counter ‘tit-for-tat’ type reaction helps no-one. If a mosque or Muslim civil society group or institution has a visit by any group that is threatening, the key thing is to inform the Police. We need to be the eyes and ears of the Police so that extremist groups like this do not cause counter-reactions since this is precisely what they are looking for. If anyone reacts to them, this will play into their strategy. Stay calm and simply contact the Police.”

Britain First 5Britain First mosques 'invaded' in Bradford