This video has emerged highlighting statements made by Britain First supporters in Hexthorpe, South Yorkshire, during a demonstration by this extremist far right group. The video, shot from a mobile phone, shows how Britain First supporters turn on the local Roma community and where a repost to their prejudice can be heard where someone shouts out, “we are home“. Seemingly, this is something that Britain First supporters cannot get their head around.

What is particularly of concern is the rhetoric used in the intimidating march in Hexthorpe. Chants of ‘Roma Gypsy – off our streets‘ are repetitively made and which if made against other communities, would probably have seen a more robust response from local police officers, who seem to stand by and let the demonstration and statements continue.

Such statements are not only clearly discriminatory, they are intimidating, menacing and threatening. Targeting the Roma community in Hexthorpe with such intimidating statements should not be tolerated and what exactly do Britain First supporters mean by suggesting that Roma community members should be ‘off our streets’? Do they mean ejecting people, intimidating them or generally driving them away?

We would not accept such talk about other communities. This should also be the same when the Roma community are targeted.

(We would like to thank @edlnews for bringing this to our attention)