As part of a restructure and re-organisation of the TELL MAMA project, we are looking to recruit active, experienced practitioners in hate crime work onto the TELL MAMA advisory board which will provide input on operational matters to the staff team of TELL MAMA and to the Director.

The Advisory Board will be made up of 20 individuals or organisational representatives who bring with them experience, networks and leadership skills that can enhance and develop the work of this national anti-Muslim hate crime reporting project. Meetings will be held quarterly and the Advisory Group has a number of key roles which include advising and reviewing current practices in the project, bringing in and enhancing networks that can support information transfer, supporting the analysis of data and guiding the staff team as and when required through advice and information.

Advisory Group members will therefore play a role in moving the project to another level and ensure the promotion of TELL MAMA and the possibility of developing new partnerships with organisations who have similar aims in countering intolerance and bigotry, whilst also recording and mapping hate incidents/crimes.

This call for applicants is to fill 15 vacancies on the Advisory Board and the roles are un-remunerated, though standard class travel costs will be paid. It also provides successful applicants with the chance to shape a newly formed national hate crime project within a challenging environment and we are keen for people who are looking to take on a challenge to apply. We are therefore looking for applicants to be able to demonstrate the following and applications should include a current CV and a covering letter.

Minimum Requirements

We are looking for applicants to have experience in at least three of these areas:

– At least 2 years work experience managing a local, regional or national hate crime project,
– Be analysts, with 2 years of experience, who have worked on data from hate crime recording projects,
– Be individuals or organisational leads that have well-developed networks attached to them and who also bring with them practical experience of having worked on or advised on hate crime projects,
– Have a strong track record of working with different and diverse communities within the United Kingdom, including faith communities,
– Have a strong understanding of groups that target Muslim communities such as far right groups and the campaigning methods that they use.

We are particularly keen for organisations that work on specific hate strands to apply since the diversity of opinions and experience can add value to the development of the TELL MAMA project.

If you are interested in applying to be a member of the national TELL MAMA advisory group, please e-mail your CV with a covering letter outlining your experience and background in the areas outlined above to the Director of TELL MAMA. Please address the CV to: