We rarely get shocked by things nowadays but a tweet sent to us did manage to shock us given the racial overtones of it and given that it was targeted at Diane Abbott MP, the Member of Parliament for Hackney. The perpetrator involved is one @chayalimbodedim.

We have come across this Twitter user @chayalimbodedim before. Chayalim has been a busy man and is particularly anti-Muslim nature and here for example is Mr Bodedim making threats against specific Twitter users and with a menacing and threatening style.

@chayalim bodedim threats

Here is another tweet showing his dislike and hatred towards Muslims. The tweet is self-evident and Mr Bodedim seems to have a penchant for describing violent acts.

Muslim threats @chayalimbodedimBizarelly, we come across Sheryl McNaught against, the comforter who seems to involve herself in comforting some of the worst anti-Muslim on-line haters we come across. Here is ‘mama’ Sheryl McNaught again saying she ‘understands’ when Mr Bodedim ‘goes a bit over the top’.

Sheryl McNaught Chayalim Bodedim

However, this tweet which was sent to us, is particularly troubling and was targeted directly at Diane Abbott MP. The tweet does not even take off the @BBCWomansHour Twitter address and Mr Bodedim, it seems, does not care. In the tweet, he states:

“Shame you have not been tyred and burned Abbott’s. U sell people into mental slavery by rebranding them black.”

Apart from the bizarre nature of the tweet, @chayalimbodedim refers back to a process called ‘necklacing’ that has been known to take place in Africa and in places like Soweto, where collaborators with the Apartheid regime were necklaced and murdered in townships. Now, we understand that Members of Parliament are not particularly liked after the expenses scandal, but these comments have nothing to do with that. They are simply meant to intimidate, frighten and abuse a serving member of Parliament who happens to be black. We also feel particularly sickened by this tweet since it has racial overtones. Necklacing as suggested, was a murderous method used by a handful of Black Africans and to use that against a serving Member of Parliament who is black, shows strong racial stereotyping. It also means that as anti-racist campaigners, we have great pleasure in passing this information to the police so that they can possibly pay @chayalbodedim a visit. We simply cannot allow such behaviour to go unchecked and we will co-operate with the police if required.

Diane Abbott abuse