This is a community alert based on threats that have been made on-line and which have been reported to us by the wonderful British public. A huge thank you for the community information which helps us to counter bigotry and prejudice and which also aids us in ensuring that we can get a feel of what is happening in relation to anti-Muslim hatred on-line or physically within communities.

To give you an example of the kinds of threats we are seeing to mosques, we wanted to highlight some of the social media activities reported in. Whilst the example below is just one set (and with a small number of followers attached to the account), it is the kind of information that allows us to make some key assessments and ensure that communities remain vigilant. We are proud of this country’s police forces and the work that they do and we believe that the UK is one of the safest country’s in the world. What we therefore request, is that people maintain vigilance at Friday prayers in mosques given the fact that the recent Rotherham scandal has led to a specific focus by some on Muslim communities and where hate, intimidation and threats are being made to innocent members of Muslim communities. Please stay safe and if you are targeted for anti-Muslim hatred, please do make contact with us, or report in through 101. (If you report through 101, please do make contact with us and inform us of the case – this will be greatly appreciated.)

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