Over the last week, anti-Muslim bigotry has reached new depths and promoted by individuals whose moral compass has not only been blunted, but well and truly bent out of shape. The latest conspiracy theory to be enacted by anti-Muslim bigots and far right sympathisers is that the fatal Glasgow bin lorry accident that tragically cut short the lives of shoppers as they were trying to buy their loved ones last-minute Christmas items, was the cause of a ‘Muslim’. The conspiracy theory is that it was a Muslim bin driver who is being protected by the State through an enforced news blackout and who did not suffer a heart attack. In essence, conspiracy far right bigots are implying that it may have been some form of an attempted suicide attack.

You would think that individuals promoting the ‘Muslim bin driver attack‘ theory may be regarded as crackpots. Yet, this sick twisted narrative that forgets the victims and focuses on a man who suffered, what seems to be a heart attack, is part and parcel of the conspiratorial mindset that besets such individuals.  Take for example, ex-BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Nick Griffin - GlasgowOr others who chose to put a spin on it to explain some form of ‘secrecy’:

Andrea Glasgow Bin Driver

Much of this sick twisted narrative came after the Scotsman reported that the names and details of those in the cabin of the vehicle that was involved in the accident will not be released. It can be assumed that this is so that they do not suffer from public humiliation, attacks or reprisals. In fact, one set of relatives publicly forgave the driver and wished him a speedy recovery, knowing that it was no fault of his own.

The tragic incident caused the loss of both young and old and a few days ago, thousands turned up to the funerals of three members of the same family. Mourners gathered at St Patrick’s RC Church in Dumbarton to remember grandad Jack Sweeney, his wife, Lorraine and their beautiful grand-daughter Erin McQuade. Three lives cut short and whose passing captured the nation during Christmas as families gathered to celebrate with their loved ones. Yet, individuals like Griffin choose not to remember those who have passed but to promote conspiracies.

Here are further examples of sites, followed by far right bigots and which spew anti-Muslim hate out. If anything, it should be a lesson to anyone reading these sites of the conspiracy theories and lies that they promote. Shame on them all!


Glasgow Bin Lorry Crash Cover-up: Update