A Muslim woman contacted Tell MAMA after witnessing a man shouting, “I hate Muslims”, “Muslims bring destruction to the world”, and “I want to get rid of them” as he cycled near a comprehensive school in east London.

Other witnesses to the anti-Muslim and Islamophobic comments included a teacher and a Muslim student who also wears the hijab.

The witness was happy for Tell MAMA to write about this incident anonymously as “this stupid behaviour must be stopped”.

The man also claimed that “bloody Muslims” had ‘ruined’ his life.

The incident occurred at around 17:20 GMT on September 24.

Tell MAMA reported the incident to the Metropolitan Police to investigate after the witness gave us their informed consent.

The perpetrator was described to Tell MAMA as being white, in their mid-to-late 30s or early 40s, who spoke with an ‘Eastern European’ accent, of slim build who sported a ponytail and glasses.

Witnesses did not photograph the perpetrator but did confirm that there is CCTV outside out of the school, adding that they believe the individual may be local as he’s been spotted in the area before.

In 2018, Tell MAMA verified 209 incidents in public areas, which included high numbers of instances of attacks on streets and pavements, either perpetrated by passers-by or people driving past. Other public areas include parks, high streets or shopping areas.

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