Dear UKIP,

It comes to our attention that a member of your party confused Westminster Cathedral for a mosque. It’s easily done though. Especially when trying to disprove a non-existent BBC conspiracy against UKIP.

Did your party member assume that every mosque has a towering minaret with slick Jihadi HR departments waiting inside?

Believe it or not, some mosques look fairly mundane (on the outside) compared to others, but once inside (after you’ve removed your shoes), the sense of serenity is universal.

The only talk of Jihad for many is the greater and personal pursuit of Islamic knowledge and what it means to be a better Muslim.

Outside of prayers, some even use their time inside mosques to discuss more mundane topics like football and the weather.

Fear not though, in the spirit of education, we’ve come up with a fail-safe plot to avoid this mistake in the future. Below you will find the addresses of mosques you can visit in the Kent area. Thanks to technology, most smartphones contain GPS so there’s no excuse for ignorance:

Margate Mosque & Community Centre, Union Crescent (former church), Margate, Kent, CT9 1NR

Canterbury Mosque (Muslim Cultural Centre), The Markaz, 1 Giles Lane, Canterbury, CT2 7LT.

Folkestone Mosque, 8a Foord Road South, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1H

But for those in your party longing to restore this country to an imagined era of history, we are happy to provide pencils, paper and Ordinance Survey maps instead.