Post Woolwich, we have highlighted the range of mosque and Islamic institutions that have been targeted for hate activities. A map of the attacks can be found here. Just recently, a home-made device was found in a Walsall mosque. Additionally a few days ago, a 75 year old man was arrested and is currently on bail.

Yet, after all of these events that have no doubt raised community tensions, we still come across individuals who want to broadcast their dark desires to attack mosques. Here is one example of someone who broadcast his views to 113 followers on his Twitter address:

Mosque threats

We are seeing more and more people feeling confident enough to make such threats on-line. What is concerning is that this brazen open prejudice seems to be acceptable, so much so, that they decide to broadcast it over Twitter. Obviously, we will be passing on these comments to the police and what is disturbing is that this gentleman, (Stuart Dryan) continues the discussion and actually admits that attacks against mosques seem to be the only option, (for the Far Right EDL).

Mosque attacks

Finally, just to confirm the EDL link, here is a tweet to massage the ego of the Fuhrer, apologies, his leader, Stephen Yaxley, (aka Tommy Robinson).

 EDL Leader Mosque attacks

Whilst we must never forget those who lay their lives down for the freedoms we all enjoy, the last thing we need is such individuals trumpeting the cause of our nation based on promoting fear, division and hate. England is a country that we have much to feel proud of. Its diversity of communities, linked through shared values, are what make England and Britain, Great!