There are times when we feel we have to write about specific individuals simply because they turn into playing the victim when they have been infringing on the rights of others through the promotion of hate and intimidation. Take for example, @EnglishAtt. This young person, who is known to us, suggested today that he contacted the Cyber Crimes division and that they had visited him and that he had informed them of his ‘political views‘ etc. By informing them, he thought, he could possibly persuade them that he was not what he was portrayed to be on-line and more importantly, that this young man could potentially deflect any police or legal action against him. Well, we are going to list some of the activities of this individual and a letter has been drafted for action relating to his activities. It has been sent to police sources. Before we go onto the tweets, here is confirmation of the CyberCrime Unit allegedly visiting his premises:

EngliEnglishAtt and Sheryl McNaughtWhat we also see is a certain Sheryl comforting @EnglishAtt and when she is informed that his statements on Black and Minority Ethnic groups allegedly leave a lot to be desired, her response is that he has been polite before and his opinion is his right. We will be highlighting more of Sheryl’s statements in the future, given that she has made quite a few of them on TELL MAMA’s work and shall we have a look at some of the ‘opinions‘ that @EnglishAtt has voiced?

So here goes. Exhibit 1

Threat Against MAMA @EnglishAttSo here, the young man, (who also runs a You Tube platform which sent us to sleep), states that if our tweets come under his timeline again, he is ‘going to get a similarly-named domain name and smash the ‘bastards’ web presence.‘  Let us reflect on this. The reason we would come under his timeline is probably because he is following someone who is following us. So, if he does not like what he hears, a simple block on the block button would suffice or locate the person following us and linked to him and simply block them. But no, here is a specific cyber-threat to TELL MAMA that we logged with the police on the appropriate date, but it seems that @EnglishAtt really believes that he has done nothing wrong.

Or take the fact that a young woman contacted us, scared and intimidated by this Twitter account. He decided to post up details of where she allegedly lived:

Location of Victim @English AttOr take the fact that he then suggested intimidating her as the list of tweets confirm on the back of this one. The targeted material towards her clearly lists her in later tweets that we have received from the victim.

Shystee abuse @EnglishAtt
So Rule 1. Defence of ‘I am the harassed victim’ does not wash when you look at the context of previous tweets and threats made to others.

Rule 2: Bringing the police in on the probable assumption that by declaring it early may lead you to not being charged with anything, does not mean that you will not. We will be pushing for action given the clear threats against us and against the victim that reported in.

Rule 3: Do not post anything on the web that you cannot stand by. This rule is simple and does not take a genius to understand.

We look forward to developments on this case.