A Muslim family were left fearful and angry after someone put a firework through their letterbox on Halloween which they believe was due to them hanging a Palestinian flag outside of their property.

The horrifying situation might have proved far worse had a family member not risked their safety by grabbing the firework (which seconds earlier was pushed through their letterbox) and removing it – requiring hospitalisation for burns to their hand. This week, they had the bandages removed.

They consented for us to share their story anonymously to help raise awareness.

The family removed the Palestinian flag from their house, fearing for their safety, and encouraged a neighbour to do the same.

Tell MAMA is liaising with the Met Police further to ensure a thorough hate crime investigation occurs.

We recorded a seven-fold increase in anti-Muslims in the month that followed Hamas’s deadly terror attacks.

Previous bulletins highlighted broader anti-Muslim, anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian abuse, harassment, vandalism and violence.

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