Fear Felt Within Muslim Communities in EuropeWe have listed the variety of anti-Muslim hate incidents that have sprung up in a variety of European countries. We have also been instrumental in highlighting the anti-Muslim hate and bigotry in the United Kingdom, though we must stress that the UK is a safe country where there are systems and processes through which victims can seek redress through and take charge of their lives.

We have highlighted anti-Muslim hate in Austria, Germany and Sweden, whilst further victim focussed interviews continue to highlight the fear felt and which can be found here, here and here.

From our engagement with organisations trying to tackle anti-Muslim hate in Europe, there is a palpable shift in the fear that is being felt within Muslim communities in Europe. This is neither healthy for future community relations, nor does it help by polarising opinions. Something is taking place in Europe which may have ramifications for community relations for decades and which we should all be concerned about. Pro-European advocates should also be aware of this and seek to highlight the growing intolerance that is being whipped up by groups who target migrants, the Roma and Muslims.

Lastly, we must also not forget the fact that extremism breeds fear and intolerance in other communities. This is why we must tackle extremism, hate and intolerance and extreme groups of all political narratives if we are to ensure a safe and secure Europe. This also goes for the United Kingdom. Whilst the English Channel has historically kept out physical threats to the United Kingdom, the spread of extreme ideas is easy to promulgate today through social media. We must therefore be on our guard against those who attempt to play off one community against the other.