We understand that anti-Muslim arch promoter, Pamela Geller and her Z lister arch side kick, Robert Spencer, have launched a legal challenge against our Home Secretary for denying them entry. Who can forget the Home Secretary’s decision to ban these two hate promoters from entry into the UK in June 2013 when they had threatened to use the Woolwich murder of drummer Lee Rigby to foment community tensions in our country? Who can also forget the racist New York subway advertisements that Geller put out or her daily automatic anti-Muslim tirades as she tries to infect communities with the virus of hate against Muslims.

Well, Geller and Spencer, have decided to challenge our Home Secretary. Two days ago, our Government put out a document entitled, ‘Tackling Extremism in the UK.’ The document is a report from the Prime Minister’s Task Force on tackling radicalisation and extremism. Our response as TELL MAMA can be found here and includes comments from our Director, Fiyaz Mughal OBE, who welcomed the report with a minor note of caution which is listed in the article and the press release. Obviously, for Spencer, this statement is simply forgotten as he continues on with his daily spin of anti-Muslim rhetoric. However, it is interesting to note that the very document that the Extremism Task Force released can potentially be applicable to Geller and Spencer. Take these statements for example.

(Page 3) 2.4 “In addition, the police will:

  • Share information with other countries to identify individuals with extreme right-wing views coming to the UK, as they do with Islamist extremists.”

3.1 “The Task Force has agreed to:

  • Improve the process for public reporting of extremist content on-line.
  • Look at using existing powers to exclude from the UK those who post extremist material online who are based overseas.”

According to the Extremism Task Force’s document, these are some of many key areas that they would like the police, local authorities and civil society organisations to focus on. In light of this, we urge our Home Office to take a strong approach to those who attempt to destablise the peace and security within our country. This means those hate promoters like Geller and Spencer whose aim is to isolate and alienate Muslims as a whole. They are simply not welcome and should never land on the shores of our island. 

We warmly welcome the decision that our Home Secretary has taken in the fight against extremism. Geller and Spencer are part of the problem, as are hate preachers who foment anti-Semitism or anti-gay rhetoric. Neither should have the pleasure to place their feet on the green fields of England.