TELL MAMA has attempted to map attacks and incidents against mosques and Islamic institutions post Woolwich. One such map can be found here. 

A senior Metropolitan police source yesterday also confirmed that the Met had picked up 23 incidents against mosques and Islamic institutions post Woolwich. As we wait to hear news about a possible explosion in Tipton, we wanted to outline some basic actions that mosques can take to ensure that they enhance their safety. Here are some basic tips that we suggest mosques should take into account during the month of Ramadhan:

  • Ensure that mosque committees know who their local Safer Neighbourhood Team officers are and engage with them on a regular basis.
  • During the month of Ramadhan, we ask Imams to make calls for calm to congregations. England is one of the safest countries and we need to keep matters in perspective.
  • Congregations should remain vigilant and if there are suspect packages, they should be reported to the police on 999. Congregations should also be informed that if anyone suffers a hate incident, they can report the matter to TELL MAMA and we will be able to assist. Emergencies should be reported to 999 or to 101, if less urgent.
  • Dimly lit areas around mosques should be lit and basic actions taken such as the changing of bulbs. This is also the case with broken windows. On numerous occasions when we have visited mosques, we have come across windows that have never been replaced and the image given to someone who may want to target a mosque is that due care and attention is not given to the institution. This needs to change and fast!
  • CCTV equipment can be implemented into mosques for a couple of hundred pounds and they can provide vital evidence in prosecutions. All mosques should consider investing in this and if the decision was taken to develop a public faith institution, then the mosque has a duty of care to its congregants. This means ensuring that their safety is protected and CCTV equipment should be part and parcel of a Safer Communities Strategy.
  • Shatter-proof glass must be fitted in mosques. TELL MAMA can arrange for mosques to have these installed. Do contact us on for further details.

In the end, stay vigilant and carry on with your lives. We cannot let those who seek to promote fear and terrorism divide us. If we allow such divides, they have won.