Well today – 14/09/13 was certainly an interesting day of writing reports, completing casework, assisting victims of anti-Muslim prejudice and then having to work through the spin that was thrown at us in relation to the article which we drafted on Ambrosine Shitrit and which can be found here. We have noticed how over the last 3 /4 months a certain Twitter account by the name of @VDissidentZ, which we believe changed names recently, follows and trolls us trying to smear us with those that we engage with on Twitter. Before we continue though, we thought that these tweets would provide some background on this Twitter account.

So here we go:

VDissidentZ Tweets 1

The troll gets abusive and wants to bring ‘Allah’ into the discussion when we question their timelines and discussions with some rather dubious characters, Stephen Lennon being one of them. This is followed by claims of TELL MAMA UK being a proselytising centre, (see below). Clearly, this troll account has lost the plot since the first thing on the home page of TELL MAMA is that we help victims of anti-Muslim prejudice. There are two words constantly thrown at those who work with or are Muslims – Dawah and Taqiyya. It is as if for the Islamophobes and mischief makers, Muslims can only proselytise or lie. Truly depressing given the level of spin put on things.

VDissidentZ Dawah

As if this was not enough spin, our own troll account then moves onto speaking to the Official English Defence League account and makes a rather interesting statement listed below. Who in their right mind would want to, “dress up in all white bed linen sheet with pointy cone hate and don a cross?” Clearly @VDissidentZ does and the individual then suggests that #fairisfair and that they would like to dress up in what would be a Klu Klux Klan sounding outfit.

VDissidentZ KKK

It really does not end there. Here is our special friend (@VDissidentZ) retweeting anti-Muslim prejudice from Stephen Lennon. Lennon in his usual inflammatory style uses the faith of individuals to suggest that grooming is an inherently ‘Muslim’ issue and his prejudicial words are carefully chosen to infer that all Muslims could be potential predators. He then re-enforces the initial statement by suggesting that every day brings “more arrests/convictions.” Guess who retweets his words – yes, you guessed it – the now infamous @VDissidentZ.

VDissidentZ Retweet of Tommy Robinson

Just as you thought that the sycophancy could not get any worse, guess who asks Stephen Lennon to take care of himself after Lennon states that he was ‘walking 24 miles around Tower Hamlets on Friday the 13th’? You guessed right! The stomach churning plea to Stephen Lennon states, ‘stay safe chief.’ Does our very own troll belief that Stephen Lennon is the leader, the chief? Oh how the heart patters with missed beats at the thought of Lennon being out there.

VDissidentZ Robinson Stay Safe

Oh dear, with more retweets of Stephen Lennon , our troll is starting to exhibit behaviours that people could say, show a Far Right set of sympathies. So, if you do come across, them, could we ask that you check to see if the same trend continues and we can only hope that the sycophancy wears off. We can only hope it wears off soon, since kind of sickening really.