Jane Collins is a Member of the European Parliament for the Yorkshire and the Humber region for the UK Independence Party. She was elected in 2014.

Obviously being a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) may sharpen the mind given that it is a high-profile role and where the use of language becomes even more important. This is not about ‘being PC’ which we can already envisage will be the response from some. It is about ensuring that as an MEP, material is not circulated that can potentially build barriers between voters and residents who may be from a specific faith group, for example, and their local MEP.

So, we put to the public this example from Jane Collins MEP where she links to an article which unnecessarily brings into play the term ‘Jewess’. What this has to do with the issue raised last year in new sources about Ms Harman’s support for a group is beyond us, though the way that the term is used, can be read by some, as being derogatory.

Also, the term is heavily loaded and has been used historically to denigrate women of Jewish heritage. Finally, whilst we work on tackling anti-Muslim hate, we come across such articles on many occasions where the faith of an individual is inserted into a piece which has nothing to do with the issue itself. This we believe, is unacceptable.

Jane Collins MEP

Jane Collins MEP 2