We really have tried on many occasions not to give Katie Hopkins the oxygen of publicity, though her latest set of tweets have really crossed a threshold. Not content with a prior number of spurious claims made about Islam and Muslims, Katie Hopkins has returned to Twitter to give life to the darkest recesses of her mind. So what did she post today?

The tweet below refers to the awful grooming cases in Rotherham which have been in the news over the last 24 hours. She suggests, by virtue of the Rotherham grooming cases, that the Asian Pakistani Kashmiri males, should be looked at through the lens of their faith. In doing so, co-religionists of these Asian Pakistani Kashmiri males (read Muslim), follow an ‘imaginary’ prophet who according to Hopkins, ‘is a pedophile.’ The neuronal train of thought, it transpires with Hopkins, is one that starts and ends with Muslims being potential pedophiles. It does not seem to matter whether you are male or female, young or old, gay or straight, brown or black, you are a potential pedophile if you are a Muslim. Welcome to what we can only call is a condition by the term of Hopkinitis. Also, known as foot in mouth disorder.

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Or take the tweet below, where Hopkins rails against Halal meat preparation. Her statements suggest that politicians are in some way pandering to Muslims in the preparation of Halal meat. So we thought we would research the issue more, whether animals can be stunned or not and whether they would be considered Halal. We thought that we would provide Hopkins with some basic information.

According to the Halal Food Authority, some methods of stunning are acceptable in the preparation of Halal meat and so stunning with sheep and lamb is acceptable, and no, the animal does not have to be back on its feet. That I am afraid, may be a case of Hopkinitis at work. Or take the fact that this report, by the Halal Food Authority, cites that around 80% of the Halal meat that is produced in the UK is stunned. Shock horror that animals are allowed to be stunned, though the Halal Food Authority raises objections to the captive bolt method of stunning in cattle.

So, do we expect some of these tweets to be rectified and retractions made by Hopkins.? Was that a pig flying that we saw? Yes, Katie, no harm in humour and some rest might cure the ‘blame the Muslims’ ailment that seems to have come over you.

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