Oh well, Kevin Carroll, confidante to Tommy Robinson and converted ex-EDL leader (or so he would like us to believe), has a timeline that reads like the paranoid conspiracists that make up the rank and file of Far Right groups. Recently, we wrote about his support for the genocide that is taking place against the Rohingya and here we illustrate the kind of mindset that is still at work within the neurons of Kevin Carroll. We believe highlighting this is important given that he stood as a British Freedom Party candidate in Bedfordshire and managed to receive over 8,500 votes. We believe that Kevin is positioning himself to stand again and given the views that he is promoting, it is essential that people are not fooled into believing this man has changed. Having a press conference saying that he has changed is NOT actually showing that he has changed and such on-line activity does not provide us, the wider public, with confidence in his change.

For example, take this recent tweet, (press on the snapshot):

Islamic Finance Kevin Carroll

Here, Carroll believes that Islamic finance Sukuk bonds are leading to an ‘Islamic freight train of eventual domination in the UK.” So what Carroll is implying is that Muslims are on the take-over again through Islamic finance opportunities. This can easily be construed to be an Islamic ‘creeping Shariah’ take-over of the UK. Has Kevin Carroll really changed?

Or take this recent tweet where Kevin ‘banters’ with a well known EDL sympathiser in London. Queen Lareefer, and believe us when we say that her comments are not regal in any way, has been a core supporter of the English Defence League and promoted abusive anti-Muslim statements on her Twitter account. In fact, if there was one regular activity she did, it was this, over the last few years. Pretty sad actually. However, we say again, has Kevin Carroll really changed?

Queen Lareefer Kevin Carroll

Here Kevin Carroll talks about “lots of reported cases of people being attacked and their dogs beaten whilst walking past mosques.” We do not know whether to laugh or to ask for a referral for Kevin for some psychological evaluation. Saying this, he then decides to show the Sheikh like qualities that he has and suggests that the person asking him for a reference, look into the Hadith. So, he decides that the Hadith states that people in a mosque in today’s world, are driven to beat up people walking outside a mosque, because they have a black dog. Is this man for real and he does not need the world’s media flashing their cameras at him, he possibly needs someone to talk to! So, has Kevin Carroll really changed – we think not!

Black Dogs Muslims