Well, this is the response from the Daily Mail to the ‘Jolly Jihadi Boys’ Day Out article, published by the Daily Mail on behalf of Richard Littlejohn, (see below). The defence of the article is that it was targeted at Haitham Al Haddad and a distinction of Muslims as a whole was made. The other defence is that a Muslim commentator suggested that Legoland should not allow the group to book and attend the day out since the commentator equates the group, as a whole, to the BNP. The final defence is that the article was satire.

Have a read of this article again and do tell us what it says to you? Have a read of the specific satire that is targeted at Haitham Al Haddad, so forensic that it distinguishes between those families who wanted to attend from him and his views. Laugh at the way the satire makes you feel and the glowing feeling that it gives you knowing that extremists are being dealt with in this rip-roaring way by the Daily Mail. Expand your horizons in understanding the nuanced way that the Daily Mail draws a distinction between families, who may not know anything about the toxic comments reported to have been made by Haitham Al Haddad, but who just wanted to attend a family fun day. Admire the satire in the cartoons showing people being blown up whilst talk of stewards with suicide vests make you see clearly that the poor families attending may be innocents caught up in a situation not of their doing. Last but not least, feel confident that the Daily Mail is a paper that looks at such sensitive issues with a duty of care and social responsibility. Yes, the Daily Mail, according to what their response says, is a paper that uses the skilful world of satire in its quest to separate those with toxic and nauseous views, from those within Muslim communities caught in a family fun day melee.

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the satirical Daily Mail’s response, (see below):

Daily Mail’s Response to this letter can be found HERE.