Through our work across the country, we have come across taxi drivers who are of Asian origin and mainly Pakistani Muslim taxi drivers, who have been subjected to racial and religious discrimination and harassment. Many drivers have stated that they have simply failed to report in Islamophobic or anti-Muslim prejudiced hate incidents and crimes. Many have stated that they did not have the time and if they reported into a police station, there was a strong likelihood that they would wait for hours and lose fares in the process.

We are also aware that Muslims who have suffered street based incidents have been looking for an ‘app’ that they could report through. With this in mind, we have developed the TELL MAMA reporting in application which was launched by iTunes today. The application can be downloaded from iTunes here.

We will respond to reports that come in with a phone call to the victim and we will also be able to geo-locate where the incident has taken place if reported in immediately and within the vicinity of the location where the incident took place. We would advise that you download the application so that it can provide you with added re-assurance, that you are not alone!