Front cover TELL MAMA iPhone ApplicationTELL MAMA will be launching an iPhone and iPad free to download application on Apple iTunes so that individuals who suffer an anti-Muslim prejudiced incident will be able to report into us in real time. We are looking to ensure that victims of anti-Muslim prejudiced incidents or hate crimes are able to report in as quickly as possible so that we can assist them. The application will also be able to geo-locate the location of the victim if the locator is on and when the application is opened. Furthermore, victims will be able to upload pictures of the location where the incident took place, pictures of tube carriage numbers, (if the incident took place on the London Underground for example), or pictures of graffiti which may have been sprayed onto a mosque.

We will be announcing the date of the iPhone and iPad launch in the next week and hope that you can download the TELL MAMA application which we believe will be a useful resource in providing members of the public with a hate crime reporting in facility. We also urge mosque committee members to download the application so that they can report in graffiti incidents and damage to the external rendering of mosques iPhone Application Reporting in Formby taking pictures of the damage and sending them through the application. We also would advise Muslim women to download the application so that they can report in quickly and with confidence if they suffer a street based incident or anti-Muslim hate crime. Other individuals which this application may assist include those working in the taxi or minicab industries and who may be prone to anti-Muslim prejudice particularly at weekends when people may have been drinking and when tempers flare up. Also, late night catering establishments, such as kebab shops and all night Turkish restaurants may want to inform their workers of the availability of this application since many suffer prejudice when serving members of the public who have usually been drinking and who are frustrated and hungry after a heavy night out. Download away we say!