The airing of the ‘Make Leicester British’ documentary a few nights ago would not doubt spark off debate and discussion around one of the most diverse cities in the United Kingdom.

We within TELL MAMA have worked for over a year in the city and there is a real sense of identity to Leicester, though like any urban conurbation, there are problems. Yet, Leicester is a place where may communities get on and who call home.

After receiving a report on comments on the Leicester EDL Division Facebook page we decided to take a look at the page. We were also curious to look at the page on the back of a recent posting which we had listed. What we found was truly shocking and we have listed some of these comments below.  Furthermore, we will be flagging this page with Facebook as a perfect example of how the platform is being used by extreme far right groups to foment hate speech. Furthermore, Facebook cannot expect projects like TELL MAMA to report in every comment which is simply ludicrous.

Here are just a few comments from the Leicester EDL Division Facebook page. They have been reported to Leicestershire Police.

Ian Humphries Thar muzzie bitch propa pissed me off. Wants 2 integrate but cant spend 2 days in sum1 elses home wivout wantin 2 change everything 2 suit her. Dont work 4 kids but still got a fairly new car who’s payin 4 that oh yeah us the good ol British taxpayer. Well done Suki n Kit 4 tellin her how it is.

Ian Humphries



Jacqui Jackson If she’s not allowed to stay in a house with a male in it HOW THE FUCK DID SHE GET 4 KIDS WITH NO HUSBAND, she’s a MUZSLIME SLUT WHORE

Jacqui Jackson