Britain First Video

This is the latest from the Dudley mosque meeting that took place to decide whether planing would be approved for the Dudley mosque. The planning decision-making process has been a long and turbulent one and was approved this evening.

The video shows a shambolic state of affairs after the mosque planning decision was made with Britain First activists agitating outside and both sides irritating each other. However, what is noticeable is that 2:50 mins into the video, Jayda Fransen is heard shouting the following:

“You guys won’t get your mega mosque if we bury a pig on the grounds of it….Let’s see you worship upon ground that is infested with swine….you are going to stand on swine infested ground and worship your false prophet are you?”

The following statement has been reported into West Midlands Police this evening. If there is an anti-Muslim hate incident on the Dudley mosque with pork material placed on the grounds, no doubt West Midlands police will want to speak to this Britain First agitator.