Liberty GB is a party that deviates from the traditional anti-Semitism of the far-right by promoting itself as a ‘counter Jihad’ party. They view Islam an aggressive entity that is at war with the West.

To justify this narrative, they retreat into their own constructed reality by deliberately finding stories that are intended to portray both Islam and Muslims in a negative light. For Liberty GB and their supporters, the government and other traditional liberal institutions only serve their Islamic masters. To illustrate this point, the party mockingly pretended to give David Cameron (who they called Ayatollah Qamr’un) an online ‘dhimmi’ award.

If these forces go unchecked, Liberty GB and their supporters believe they will become an ethnic minority in their own country. This classic far-right rhetoric is easily found to be without merit since 86 per cent of England and Wales is white.

To justify this apocalyptic ‘truth,’ Liberty GB single out Islam and Muslims in their manifesto:

“Liberty GB considers the threat of Islamist extremism in the 21st century to be comparable to that of Nazism in the 20th century. This is not driven by a racial/ religious dislike of Muslims, but by the knowledge of the violent and expansionist history of Islam driven by the Koranic verses laid out by the prophet and warlord Mohammed.”

However, they are guilty of racialising Muslims. In a piece titled ‘How Should We Remove Islam From Britain and the West?’ it is stated that tighter border controls and diligent policing would have prevented ‘the terror plots and bombings, the systematised gang-rapes of underage girls, the honour killings, genital mutilations.’ This ‘othering’ of Muslims positions them as permanent outsiders and foreign to Britain.

Naturally, they make no effort to explain that genital mutilation, terrorism, and honour killings are crimes they go beyond faith and cultures. Indeed, an admittance of this truth would go against their fundamentalist rhetoric.

Their policies would seek to exclude Muslims from public life and promote discrimination in and out of the workplace. For example, Muslims would be unable to find employment in airports or other ‘security sensitive’ locations. Women would no longer have the option to wear a niqab or burqa.

They would prevent any further mosques being built whilst stopping the adhan (call to prayer) from being played in public. Halal slaughter and meat would also be banned (but no mention of kosher).

Despite the act of zakat being the third pillar of Islam, Liberty GB would seek to make it illegal, because they believe that ‘one eighth of it goes towards jihad.’

Another disturbing policy would invoke a McCarthyite pledge of loyalty to the state. A failure to comply would be met with threats of deportation or charges of treason.

Outside of their manifesto, it is easy to find the promotion of other Islamophobic conspiracy theories like Eurabia. Their leader, Paul Weston, warns of ‘Unelected European Union leaders Islamising the entire continent.’ In a rather ironic twist, Weston claims that it is a proven fact that European Muslims take more from tax than they contribute (without offering a citation).

Some of the more inflammatory posts on their Facebook include a picture of a large iceberg with the caption ‘How deep is the problem of Islamic child rape in Britain?

They also imply that Baroness Warsi is part of a caliphate conspiracy and they borrow a quote from New Atheist Sam Harris about being at war with Islam.

Liberty GB’s political ambitions match their racist and Islamophobic vitriol. However, like many on the fringes of the British far-right, they will likely face electoral irrelevance.

But in these dark corners, such groups will shout loudly about the ‘evils’ of multiculturalism, Islam and Muslims.

Ultimately, when you speak in the language of violence, it should come as no surprise that their supporters express such views:

 “Their is plenty of debate about the Muslim population…but the politicians are still doing nothing…the Muslims are breeding so fast that each day is getting Britain closer to Civil War.”

“Ready to take the fight too them…”

 “Inbreds go home while you still can!!”

“As magneto said to professor Xavier in the x men ….” A war is coming Charles make no mistake “……”

“Shoot the bastards”

 “Whatever the variations among individual Muslims, history worldwide shows where this is heading: either an Islam-dominated Britain, a Balkanized Britain, civil conflict, or some combination of these.”

“Muslums are inhuman monsters and islam is a psychotic death cult. Why the hell are they brought to civilized nations? Deport them all”

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