We have previously written articles on Liberty GB, a far right group that is led by Paul Weston, and further details on the group can be found here and here. Further details on Paul Weston can also be found here.

What is particularly striking about this group is the level of ignorance and the bizarre nature of their promotional material which tickles the senses much like watching the relationship between Inspector Clouseau and Cato as they played off each other in hilarious scenes in Pink Panther movies. Reading material on the web-site and Facebook page of Liberty GB leaves a reader in no doubt that either the far right have lost the plot or they generally accommodate a space somewhere between Mars and Pluto. They are simply are ‘lost in space.’

Take for example, a recent graphic campaign that Liberty GB promoted on their Facebook page. Entitled ‘Muslims don’t like British Culture,’ the graphics reduce British culture to a handful of elements which include dogs (yes, pass the cuddly toy), a pint of beer and weddings. They host a picture of a dog, a pint of beer and weddings hinting that these are essentially what make up British culture and whilst no-one can deny that a pint of beer and love for dogs are part of the culture of this country, they are not unique to Great Britain. Many European countries drink beer, (albeit not drinking in pints) and residents of many European countries like animals and some citizens choose to get married. It seems that Liberty GB have reduced what it means to be British into a perspective that is not only reductionist in its outlook, it also tries to promote views and perceptions of Muslims that are farcical, banal and ridiculous to say the least.

Take for example, the snapshot of the married couple below and a quote that Liberty GB put up. Quotes are put up which also seem to reduce the Quran and followers of Islam to individuals who are the ‘other’ and somewhat ‘alien’ to this country, even though most Muslims in the UK have been born in the UK and have lived all of their lives in this country.

Also, what is missing from the discussion is the gamete of thoughts, theological positions and edicts that place polygamy into a space where there are multiple responsibilities on the male and which also mean that in the modern world, many of these responsibilities are difficult to fulfill.  Many leading Islamic theologians also take the position that polygamy is not a default automatic position, but hey, what are facts to supporters of Paul Weston and his farcical group.

Or take the fact that they quote some verse talking about intoxicants, thereby implying that if Muslims ‘take over’ (they really are fixated on the ‘creeping Shariah’ extremist narrative), there will be no booze. The last time we were out working with Muslim communities, worries about beer, the size of pints, alcohol and intoxicants were far from the minds of people.

Anyone Follow the Made Up Gobbledigook of Liberty GB?

However, one of the best examples of how bizarre and ludicrous this group is can be seen in the graphic below with a lovely looking canine. They list a statement which is probably taken from the bag of a ‘fag-packet,’ scrawled down in a beer induced haze and the reference that they post up with it reads, ‘Muslim Book 10, number 3811.’ We had sought help in tracking down ‘Muslim Book 10, number 3811,’ though we have singularly failed in finding this edition of the Liberty GB guide in what it means to be a Muslim.

This whole scenario reminds us of the film the Infidel, in which the great Omid Djalili speaks about how some young Muslims can get sucked into thinking that people who look religious and who speak Arabic, somehow know Islam the best and what they say may be true. The statement Omid uses cannot be repeated here but the same is also true in relation to groups like Liberty GB. Apart from making things up as they go along, they play to an audience who are potentially fearful of Muslims and who are looking to pin the problems that they have within their lives, as being the fault of others. Throw in narratives, however bizarre they may be, about Muslims and you have an audience who believe that what groups like Liberty GB state, must be true. It truly feels like the clueless leading those who need to widen their horizons in life.

The starting strapline on the Liberty GB Facebook page states,“The party you’ve been waiting for.’ If this is the party we have been waiting for, God help us all!

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