Lord Norman TebbitWho can forget the ‘Cricket Test’ that caused a debate on immigration in 1990. Well, Lord Norman Tebbit is back and this time, it is a second cricket test.

Lord Tebbit suggested that EU migrants should be assessed for entry into the United Kingdom on which side their parents fought for in the Second World War. Interestingly, not only would this lead to bureaucratic chaos in checking the facts to allow for entry, the sheer cost of such a system would probably raise public expenditure to a level that would be unsustainable.

So, could we take that to also mean that migrants from non-EU countries would therefore, according to Lord Tebbit, be subjected to the Cricket Test and then be bowled a googly with the, ‘So who did your father fight for in the Second World War‘ test?

Looks like according to Lord Tebbit, its ‘howzat’ for those pesky Axis loving foreigners.