British Transport Police are investigating an anti-Muslim incident on the London Underground after a man threatened to ‘ram’ a Muslim woman onto the tracks.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted us hours after the incident to report the incident.

She was waiting on the platform when a man approached, slamming his bags down next to her, with a can of alcohol in one hand, said, “what are you looking at me like that for?”.

Ignoring the question, the man is said to have muttered other comments. His next question to her concerned whether she was English or not. Again, she ignored him.

The verbal abuse continued when the man approached her. He added that ‘her type’ love to play the ‘victim’. Pointing to her headscarf, he asked her what her type is and then told her to ‘f*** off’.

When she repeated his question about her type back at him, the man then made his threat. He told her: “Don’t test me or I’ll ram you onto the tracks.” She challenged this statement, suggesting that he would not. The abuse then increased as the man replied: “who the f*** do you think I am? I’ve done the same to your P*** brothers”.

Again, the woman calmly challenged his race hate, having told him: “How do you know I am a P***?” to which he again threatened to ‘ram’ her onto the tracks. She again challenged this statement, suggesting that he would not.

The man boarded the next train as the woman had attempted to film him.

He is described as white, around 5’10, carrying a black hold-all, and spoke with a ‘northern’ accent.

In our 2016 annual report, 13 per cent of cases took place on the transport network (n=85), and in broader terms, the report again points to the gendered nature of abuse, where victims were often Muslim women in Islamic clothing, and where identifiable, perpetrators were often male.

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