If anyone needed to be reminded of the aggressive and menacing nature of English Defence League marches, then one only has to listen to this video, taken by an EDL supporter in Luton yesterday.

However, one thing to note is that we all need to reclaim the St George’s flag from extremist far right groups. This nation stands squarely against all forms of extremism and we need to reclaim our flag since it stands for all communities and should not be associated with extremist far right groups.

EDL sympathisers really show their nature as they aggressively taunt and focus their anger on a burger van. The sense of aggression is palpable and the ‘demo’ starts to turn menacing as young men hurl abuse and target their hate towards the burger van. In the middle of this melee, young men put on menacing masks whilst playing up to the mobile camera.

The EDL has historically attracted groups of young men from more extreme far right groups. This was even hinted to by the ex-leader of the EDL, Tommy Robinson, when he left the group and it seems that little has changed.

EDL Luton March