Anti-Muslim and Racist AbuseWe received community intelligence on a Facebook post that had been directed at a young British Asian of Pakistani heritage in South Yorkshire. A review of the Facebook posting by a group campaigning against a food retail outlet, (because they have Halal food options), showed the individuals name and address had been posted up and with the following comments shown below.

Rotherham, (post the grooming crisis), has become a magnet for extremist far right ideologues to post up material that targets Muslims and / or local British Asians of Pakistani heritage.

Yet, what is really concerning is the mob mentality and the threats and vile prejudice that is present on Facebook and which permeates through the links to other accounts. We have sent all of this material to South Yorkshire Police and will happily provide statements if needed on the postings below. Be in no doubt, if we receive such information, there is a likelihood that the police may well be making contact with you since you are infringing on the laws of our country. Thankfully, in the UK, we do not have mob justice which the far right and their sympathisers relish and fantasize about. This is why we must protect the free, open and fair society that we have and which so many have lived, died and worked for.

Posts Showing the Shameful and Aggressive Mentality of anti-Muslim Bigots

Matthew TurnerMick YeomansPaul RayShane BennettSteve Francis Steve Hill
Interesting to note the last comment. Seems that sending bacon to Muslims is something that comes to mindset of those who harbour inherent prejudices. We have also previously reported on such incidents here.