We have been tipped off that Britain First have carried out another act, of what can only be regarded as inflammatory intimidation, in Luton. We had previously raised their activities here and here.

News has come in that the Far Right extremist group has posted another ‘mosque invasion’ on its web-site as part of what it regards as, ‘Operation Fightback.’ We believe that enough is enough and the police have to act and to act now against Britain First.

We have heard from a variety of police services that there are no real laws that are being broken and that there is little that can be done. Given the tensions, anger and agitation that these inflammatory events are causing, it is imperative that police forces, the Home Office and the Department for Communities and Local Government provide re-assurance to mosques or look at what mechanisms can be put into place to stop such actions in the future by Britain First.

We have also seen the pathetic nature of these ‘mosque invasions’ and which have terrorized elderly Muslims praying in mosques and who are not aware of what is taking place. Many have not approved their faces being filmed, nor are they aware of how they are being humiliated by these Far Right agitators.

We will be writing to the Home Secretary on these matters in the next few days. We hope that she realises that such behaviour needs to be tackled and if the Government wants to talk about British values, how about tackling these abhorrent groups to ensure that we all understand that hate and prejudice will not be tolerated in our country.

Britain First Luton