A group of Muslim children, no older than 6-years-old, were racially abused by a man as they returned from a mosque in the Lancashire area.

The abuse was witnessed by a Muslim woman who contacted Tell MAMA to report the incident.

The incident occurred on July 20.

She added the man had shouted and sworn at the children and said, “get out of here, this is not your community” among other abusive terms.

The children appeared intimidated and were unsure what to do or where to look during the incident.

Tell MAMA reported the incident to Lancashire Police on behalf of the witness once they had spoken with our staff and given their consent to do so.

The witness described the perpetrator as being white, male, and in his 30s.

In 2017, Tell MAMA verified 441 reports of abusive behaviour, which accounts for 52 per cent of all verified reports last year.

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